Download File Geodatabase 2003-05 Yakima County and Lewis County Projects

Read before downloading:  File Geodatabases can only be access in ArcGIS 9.2 and versions after that.  ArcGIS 9.1 and prior versions can not read them.

This file Geodatabase has 6-foot raster datasets for the bare earth and top surface.  Uncompressed it is 4.34 GB.  It will need to be downloaded in parts.

1. download  This file is 2.43 MB and it contains the geodatabase directory and other supporting files.  When unziped, you will have a directory called "2003_05lewisyakima.gdb" with lots of other files inside.

2. Download files a a00000033.gdbtable (2.75 GB) and file a00000029.gdbtable (1.54 GB).  Place both files inside the "2003_05lewisyakima.gdb"directory.

3. Now you can view them in ArcGIS software.