Puget Sound Lidar Consortium

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San Juan Islands (with Lummi and Pt. Roberts) PSLC LiDAR survey

To download the 5,442,437,481-byte filegeodatabase

  • First download partofsanjuangdb.zip
  • Unzip it to create the sanjuan_lidar.gdb directory.
  • Download a00000029.gdbtable and a0000002e.gdbtable INTO that directory This filegeodatabase can be read by ESRI and some other software. It contains bare-earth and first-return DEMs with corresponding shaded-relief images. Pyramid files for shaded relief were created with bilinear resampling.

    The coordinate system is Washington State North Nas83 (FIPS 4601). Cellsize is three feet. Vertical units are feet in the NAVD88 datum.

    You can access this data as a data service

    Skimpy metadata

    Metadata and point files