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We now have a major competitor/collaborator in the Washington Department of Natural Resources LiDAR portal Unlike us, they dilligently keep their site up to date. Many people prefer their interface. If you have compared sites and think that this site is still useful, please tell Harvey about it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the PSLC is now a zombie organization. We miss you. Updates to this site are being made only when it suits the webmaster and those researchers with whom he collaborates. But all inquiries will be answered. My mother often told me, "It doesn't hurt to ask."

pugetsoundlidar.org and pugetsoundlidar.ess.washington.edu now point to the same IP address. The two names are equally straightforward and fast.

Many thanks to Harvey Greenberg, the University of Washington Dept. Earth and Space Sciences, and UW Map Collection for making this site possible.

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