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PSLC Email List

Subscribe to the PSLC Email List:
To join the email list go to the link below and subscribe.  Most of you will subscribe as a “person outside the UW”, so please enter your email address carefully in order to receive further information and a password.  Once subscribed you will be able to send email messages to the list as well as receive them in your inbox.

SUBSCRIBE to the PSLC Email List

Purpose for the Email List:
The PSLC has established an email list to improve general communication from the Consortium and also among participants and anyone interested in LIDAR.  We will be using this list to notify subscribers about the release of new datasets, changes and additions to the PSLC website and any other events related to the consortium.  We also envision the list as a channel of communication for LIDAR related issues in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

This email list may also serve as a tool to establish better connections between potential data acquisition partners.  Therefore we encourage users to post upcoming data acquisition projects and/or interest in partnering for specific projects.  Users may also post data availability of completed projects.

This list may also function as a forum for LiDAR data usage questions.  We have been answering such questions in house, but realize that other users have further knowledge to share with the rest of us.  All of the email posts on this list are archived, so individuals can search and find previous answers to questions posted.

We hope that this email list will help the LiDAR User Community stay connected and engaged with the various LIDAR efforts in our region!

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